* Sun, sand, and Disney World aside, Florida can be a not-so-friendly place, at least when it comes to your cake. Heat, humidity, and butter don't always play well together. Please understand that we may not be able to accommodate certain flavor preferences depending on the season and location of your event.

Classic Flavors 

The Cake 

​Classic Vanilla 
White Wedding Cake
Old Fashioned Dark Chocolate

Pink Champagne

Pumpkin Spice

Lemon Scented White Velvet

Red Velvet    

Key Lime 

Chocolate Cointreau 

Sweet Cream Coconut 

Strawberry Swirl 

Salted Caramel

In the Middle

Bavarian Cream
Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Ganache

Cannoli Cream 

Lemon Mousse

Coconut Custard 

Peanut Butter Cream






The Sugar on Top 

Pink Box Bakery Buttercream  
Old Fashioned Chocolate Buttercream
Marshmallow Buttercream
Dark Chocolate Ganache 
Coconut Pecan

Cream Cheese  

Vanilla Fondant  

Chocolate Fondant 

Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream*