Specialty Flavors



Oreo Mudslide

Cookie crumb crust filled with chocolate mousse & tons of crushed Oreos, coated in rich chocolate ganache

small.....50 / large.....70

Peanut Butter Mudslide 

Cookie Crumb crust filled with rich chocolate mousse & tons of crushed peanut butter cups, coated in chocolate ganache and drizzled with peanut butter

small.....50 / large.....70

Boston Chocolate Cheesecake 

3 layers: chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, cheesecake. 'Nuff said.

small.....50 / large.....70

Orange Ricotta Pound Cake 

Traditional Italian pound cake with hints of citrus and almond, filled with fresh strawberries and topped with vanilla bean whipped cream

small.....45 / large.....65

Inside Out Boston Cream Pie 

Layers of vanilla cake with a chocolate buttercream center and topped with pastry cream

small.....45 / large.....65

New York Cheesecake 

Traditional rich and creamy cheesecake baked on a caramelized Nilla Wafer crust

small.....45 / large.....55

Chocolate Chip Brownie Cheesecake 

NY cheesecake swirled with chocolate chips, baked atop a layer of fudge brownies

small.....45 / large.....55

Brown Sugar Pecan Cheesecake

Super creamy dark sugar cheesecake filled with toasted pecans and topped with whipped cream

small.....45 / large.....55

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